Welcome to 18th World Rose Convention

Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary
is patron of the 18th World Rose Convention

The 18th World Rose Convention Friday 29th June – Wednesday 4th July will be hosted by the Danish Rose Society. For the first time in the history of the World Federation of Rose Societies, a WRC goes to Scandinavia. Copenhagen will be the host city, and the theme will be “A Fairy Tale of Roses”.
Hans Christian Andersen writes about the nightingale who praises the rose as a symbol of beauty and love. That is the reason why the nightingale features significantly in the logo for WRC2018. 

“A Fairy Tale of Roses” will open in Copenhagen Town Hall – with Hans Christian Andersen sitting guard outside. The programme for the afternoon will take place in Rosenborg Castle, in the King’s Garden, in the centre of Copenhagen. The breeder of the convention rose, Poulsen Roses will be hosting a reception and Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Mary is invited to name the rose.
Afterwards there will be guided tours of Rosenborg Castle and the King’s Garden.

A magnificent show of scented roses will be displayed on the lawns in front of Rosenborg Castle. Delegates are invited to judge the roses and to give two votes. One vote for the rose they like most, and one vote for best scented rose.

The roses are scented roses from the northern European rose breeders: Poulsen Roses, Kordes und Söhne, Rosen Tantau, and David Austin Roses. It will be both exciting, festive, and in fitting surroundings for the Rose. The roses will later be planted in a new sensory garden in Copenhagen with special attention to blind and partially sighted. The Announcement of the winning roses will be one of the many festive features the following afternoon in Valby Rose Garden.
The Golden 50th Jubilee of the World Federation of Rose Societies will be launched from the slipway decorated with roses in the Rose Garden in Valby Park. In the evening a grand firework display launched from the Tivoli Gardens will light up the sky over Copenhagen.

The complete programme, from the opening day on 29 June to the closing ceremony on 4 July, is almost finalized. There is no doubt that every day of the Convention will be busy, enjoyable and rich in experiences, with interesting and instructive talks.
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Number of attendees already signed up

Argentina: 11 Netherlands: 4
Australia: 56 New Zealand: 24
Belgium: 9 Northern Ireland: 2
Bermuda: 6 Norway: 24
Canada: 33 Pakistan: 5
Chile: 9 Poland: 1
China: 31 Slovenia: 2
Czech Republic: 3 South Africa: 22
Denmark: 85 South Korea: 6
Finland: 7 Spain: 7
France: 15 Sweden: 10
Germany: 30 Switzerland: 9
Iceland: 9 United Arab Emirates: 1
India: 10 United Kingdom: 22
Italy: 3 Uruguay: 23
Japan: 65 United States: 76
Luxembourg: 3 Uruguay: 23
  Total: 620 Rosarians

Registration desk opening hours at Tivoli Congress Hotel (convention venue)

Thursday 21st: 18.00-19.00 Friday 22nd: 07.30-08.45
Monday 25th: 07.30-08.45 Tuesday 26th: 07.00-07.45
Wednesday 27th: 07.30-08.45 Thursday 28th: 07.30-18.30
Friday 29th: 08.00-13.00 Saturday 30th: 08.00-13.00
Sunday 1st: 07.00-09.00 Monday 2nd: 08.00-13.30
Tuesday 3rd: 08.00-13.30 Wednesday 4th: 08.00-13.30
Thursday 5th: 07.00-09.00    

A Fairytale Monarchy

”There lived once a great queen, in whose garden were found, at all seasons, the most splendid flowers, and from every land in the world. She specially loved roses, and therefore she possessed the most beautiful varieties of this flower, from the wild hedge-rose, with its apple-scented leaves, to the splendid Provence rose. They grew near the shelter of the walls, wound themselves round columns and window-frames, and crept along passages and over the ceilings of the halls. They were of every fragrance and colour.”

Thus begins Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytale ”The loveliest rose in the world”. The essence of the fairytale is The Rose as symbol of love.