Tour programme

Post tours for Baltic cruises will available late August 2017.

6 - days pre tour in Denmark from 22 to 27 June. Click here for more details

1 - day pre tours in and around Copenhagen on 25, 26, 27 and 28 June. Click here for more details

7 - days post tour in Denmark from 05 to 11 July. Click here for more details

4 - days post tour in Sweden from 05 - 08 July. Click here for more details


Usefull links Denmark

Poulsen Roses

Scandic Hotel in Sønderborg

Grasten Palace


Hotel Kolding Fjord

Wadden Sea National Park

The Geographical Gardens


Jelling Monuments

Knud Pedersen’s nursery

Marselisborg Palace

Hotel Radisson in Aarhus

Claus Dalby


Den Jyske Rosenpark

Garden in Hune


Hotel Radisson in Aarhus

Christiansborg Palace

Roskilde Cathedral

Vallø Castle

Tivoli gardens

Usefull links Sweden

Fredriksdal Museums and Gardens in Helsingborg

The Garden Society of Gothenburg

Comfort Hotel Gothenburg

Gothenburg Botanical Garden

Gunnebo House and Gardens

Rosenlunds Rosarium, Jönköping

Elite Hotel Jönköping

Linneaus Råshult in Småland

The Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Alnarp

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Danish tours:

Swedish tours:

Swedish Rose Society Henny Johansson

The tours can be booked as part of the registration

Instructions on what option of tours should you select:

Tours for 1 person but wishes to share the room with someone who looks for room-mate:
If you travel alone and wish to share a room, please select "1 person in sharing double room" option. You will be able to write the name of the delegate you wish to share the room with and we will try out best to place you in the same room. This is however not a gurantee. The price lists for this option is for 1 person's tour and the half of the costs of double room.

Tours for 1 person in own room:
If you travel alone and wish not to share the room, please select "1 person in single room" option.

Tours for 2 people travelling together:
If you and your partner wish to be on the same tour and share a double room, ONLY 1 of you should sign up the tour and select "Tour xxxxx - 2 persons in double room". The price lists for "2 persons in double room" option is the total price for 2 people, including tour and double room accommodation". Your partner should NOT sign up for anything.