WFRS World Conventions

From the beginning, sixteen conventions or world meetings have been held throughout the world once every three years:

1971 - Hamilton, New Zealand
1974 - Chicago, USA
1976 - Oxford, Great Britain
1979 - Pretoria, South Africa
1981 - Tel Aviv, Israel
1983 - Baden Baden, Germany
1985 - Toronto, Canada
1988 - Sydney, Australia
1991 - Belfast, Northern Ireland
1994 - Christchurch, New Zealand
1997 - The Benelux countries
2000 - Houston, USA
2003 - Glasgow, Great Britain
2006 - Osaka, Japan
2009 - Vancouver, Canada
2012 - Sandton, South Africa
2015 - Lyon, France

And in 2018 - Copenhagen, Denmark

World Conventions

A Fairytale Monarchy

”There lived once a great queen, in whose garden were found, at all seasons, the most splendid flowers, and from every land in the world. She specially loved roses, and therefore she possessed the most beautiful varieties of this flower, from the wild hedge-rose, with its apple-scented leaves, to the splendid Provence rose. They grew near the shelter of the walls, wound themselves round columns and window-frames, and crept along passages and over the ceilings of the halls. They were of every fragrance and colour.”

Thus begins Hans Christian Andersen’s fairytale ”The loveliest rose in the world”. The essence of the fairytale is The Rose as symbol of love.